Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catching Up

Well were to start....

On December 14, 2008 my nephew John Taije was born he was 6lbs 14oz and 20'' long. He's the most handsome and precious little boy. I don't think I've ever seen so much hair on a baby before.

He definitely looks like my sister-in-law Sarah, but has his daddy's hair. My Brother-in-Law Jared who is an amazing photographer took these pictures of Taije and they had his announcements made from them.

As much as times like these are hard for me, there's nothing I want more then to be with my nieces and nephew. When I hold them and look into their eyes they bring me this happiness that reminds me of the few hours that I got to hold me precious little baby girl. They're my joy and I love spending time with them.

Dec 25th
Christmas was wonderful my husband surprised me with an iphone...
I'm not one to like surprises, but this one was definitely a good one. He also got me gift cards because I LOVE to shop. He wasn't surprised at all he knew everything he was getting because he's pretty picky.... He got the high top Supra's he wanted and a complete skate deck and lots of iTunes gift cards. So I must say Christmas was a success.

January 9, 2009
Brad, Jeff, Scott and Matt left to Hawaii tell the 16th. If there's anything that I'm not a fan of, it's my husband being away from me for more than a day. But being the wonderful wife I am I shared him with his sister and brother. Thank you Lindsay and Cameron for letting them stay with you and making them yummy dinners! While Brad was away I got to play... Just kidding, I stayed with my parents in their empty home and enjoyed it. My parents are wonderful and I love them to death. We ate out every night and I gained weight instead of loosing it. But to my surprise I did get a five day weekend, thanks to the wonderful family that I nanny for. So I got to relax and sleep in.

January 16, 2009
Brad got home... SOOOO happy!! Also that night Jeff performed at club 12 twenty-five. My brother-in-law is one of the most talented people that I know. His concert was amazing. I could just watch him and his band play for hours. After his performance a bunch of people went to
Por Favor for dinner, so delicious. My mother-in-law Carrie wanted me to take a picture of her with this huge NON-alcholic margarita so here it is.....
She cracks me up!

January 18, 2009
My 22nd Birthday!! Boy do I feel old. As I look over the past 22 years of my life I've accomplised so much, but have so much more to accomplish. Just to name a few...
-Graduating high school (honor grad)
-Playing volleyball for 4 years
-Being homecoming queen
-Being Senior Class president
-Going to a UC
-Becoming an aunt
-Marrying the love of my life
-Becoming a mom
I look forward to the many more birthdays that I have! Thanks to those who helped make it so special!

I was also privilaged to hear my brother-in-law Jeff give his farewell talk in church. He brought tears to our eyes. He did an amazing job and I feel blessed to be his sister-in-law. I'm excited for him to serve the Lord and for him to teach the people of Mexico. I know he'll work hard and be an amazing missionary. I'm looking forward to spoiling him with lots and lots of packages.

For now that is it, but until I post again.....have a wonderful day!!


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