Friday, August 26, 2011

Hiking We Will Go

Brad was called as Scout Master in our ward at church. What does this mean for our little family? Lots of adventures/hikes. I'm all for the adventure part of it. I grew up camping in tents, whether it was at the river or the dessert, so I'm used to that. It's the hiking that gets to me. I'm not one to like hikes that consists of high mountains or hills, but it seems that the past few hikes we've gone on Brad has decided to tell me that they're nothing to worry about. WRONG!!

The first hiking adventure we went on was to Cottonwood Creek, up past Pine Valley. My mom joined us, which was fun because I always love spending time with her.
I love this picture of the little frog.

Brad has been wanting to Hike Cowles Mountain so yesterday we met my mom there and we ended up doing the challenging side. Brad said it was a lot easier than the 2.2 miles one way from Big Rock Park (Moderate level).
Cowles Mountain from Golfcrest Drive
1.5 miles one way
5 Challenging

We made it to the top and that's what counts!

Our little family...

Nama and Avery. Love this pic of them!

Our little Sleeping Beauty was wiped out!

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