Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful and we loved spending time with family. My family celebrated Thanksgiving the Sunday before and we celebrated with Brad's family Thanksgiving Day. I had only taken two pictures that day and one is of Avery and a cute little puppy and the other is of the delicious Peanut Butter Pie that I made. It was a hit and I plan on making it every Thanksgiving.

We're excited for Christmas and all that goes with it. Today we're off to find outfits for our family Christmas pictures we're taking next week, wish us luck!!

Monday is going to be a fabulous day, why you might ask because I will be hosting my first giveaway... So stay tuned!!

Have a wonderful weekend and do something wonderful for yourself!


We.Are.The.Riggins said...

Michael would go crazy for that pie! You know how much of a peanut butter lover he is! You bake the yummiest treats!

We.Are.The.Riggins said...

Oh how dare I forget to mention how CUTE Avery is!!! She is, I love her! I forgot to tell you at Julianne's how cute she was coming down the stairs using her bum=)it was so cute and funny!


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