Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pinterest Ideas...

Since my sister in law Sarah interduced me to Pinterest, I've been addicted. When I saw this idea, I went on a hunt to all thrift stores for plates and candle holders. This person used glasses and plates, but I like the look of candle holders instead. I also saw these cookies  and they looked delicious and since my sister came over to swim on this scorching hot day, we decided to make them. They were delicious! I put rolos in the middle of mine too.


My Result

The Idea

My Result

Happy Pinteresting! 


Along Abbey Road said...

I am seriously obsessed with Pinterest. It's an addiction.

Your project turned out so cute! Love it!

Along Abbey Road
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ABCollins said...

Thanks Abby!
Just entered your giveaway.

EmCain said...

Yay another young wifey/ mom! Your little Avery was born just a month before my Liam :) Newest Follower ;)

Dacia said...

LOVE Pinterest!! Your cupcake stands turned out way cuter than the inspiration. Love it!

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

Love this! Love this!

Whitney said...

Love this idea! I agree that your cupcake stand is cuter than the "pinsperation". And I want to try those cookies!


Angela of "Grahangela" said...

That pumpkin decoration is so cute! Love it. I wish I were more crafty. Half the things I see on Pinterest make me sigh and think, "If only..."

And those cookies . . . YUM!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now following! :)

~ Angela

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

pinterest is amazing! and those cookies are making me drool!! so delicious!!
xo TJ

Meg {henninglove} said...

these pins are soo cute! and those cookies look great. thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself, i love when new followers do that, i like to welcome you, say thank you and hope to see you around often :-)i'm following you back


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